New Holland Intelliview IV 

Our integrated display option packed with the following features:

  • Clear 26.4cm touchscreen display
  • Compatible with New Holland tractors, harvesters and implements
  • Monitor and control vehicle functions and performance
  • Tractors: HTS2 headland turn setup, Isobus UT and Task Controller capabilities
  • Harvesters: Mapping of yield, moisture, speed, elevation, fuel use and much more..
  • Intellisteer integrated autosteer system on tractors and harvesters
  • Capable of using up to 3 external cameras
  • 6 User customisable run screens- each driver can setup the layout to their preference
  • Fields, layouts and implements can be stored and shared between machines
  • Neatly integrated into the armrest of most NH vehicles, a second display can also be fitted to some tractors and harvesters. Ideal for those using Isobus, mapping or section control to their full potential

PLM 12 IntelliView IV

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